About brigantia fireplaces




Brigantia fireplaces are the fires of the future. When selecting a name for the Brigantia line of fireplaces the designers wanted to find something with exceptional significance that reflects the beauty, quality and dependability of the product.  While searching, they come across Brigantia, the Celtic goddess who symbolizes wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, and craftsmanship. The goddess Brigantia is also Brigantia the goddess of the hearth was exactly who the designers wanted their new product represents a strong, beautiful product of perfection, eloquence, and excellence. Just like Brigantia, the goddess, Brigantia fireplaces are the fire of creativity built for the hearth of your home.  



about brigantia fireplaces

What makes Brigantia Fireplace unique? 

A unique element of the Brigantia's is they can be installed on exterior wall, fit into a 2 x 6 studded construction wall, and have a 6" deep design that allows for flush installation anywhere. 

Always dependable

Brigantia backs its products with a limited lifetime warranty and test 100% of its products before they leave our facility. This ensures that you are getting the quality product you deserve. 

Customize Your Direct Vent  Gas Fireplace

Add your style to your fireplace with the choice of two interior lining: Black Panels and Reflective Ceramic Glass. Brigantia also gives you the option to choose between Nickel and black for your surround and door.

Touch of a button

All Brigantia's come standard with a remote control, allowing you to operate all of its functions with ease. Adjusting the flame height is simple and can be done without leaving your chair.  You can also set the thermostat feature and allow your Brigantia to keep you comfortable all its own.